et voilà ! you’ve arrived at MADELEINE… and very welcome you are !

the seine and the bridges that cross it, the grand boulevards, the monumental squares, the magnificent monuments, the charming streets of montmartre — these images of paris confirm that it is indeed the most elegant and sophisticated of all cities.

It has inspired practically every major world capital, with every city claiming its own champs-elysèes, and place des vosges becoming the prototype of residential squares throughout europe. sit at an outdoor café table at the place de la MADELEINE or go on a boat tour of the seine and see it all romantically flash before your eyes.

>> cafe favourite,  [website]

>> la recyclerie,

>> cafe george, place georges pompidou, 75004 [website]

>> chez mademoiselle,  [website] 09/18hr 10/18hr