et voilà ! you’ve arrived at MADELEINE… and very welcome you are !
our beers

you might know by now that our life pretty much revolves around what’s in our cup.  whether it be a great glass of wine, an interesting cocktail, a bespoke beer or, as we discuss here, the holy grail – coffee.

sooooo good when it’s good and sooooo bad when it’s bad.  one of life’s simple pleasures and yet just not worth having if it’s not done right.

our wines

we want just the right amount of flavour, bitterness and essence.  we want to TASTE the coffee, we want to taste the exoticness of the beans.  we want (if you so choose) milk that’s not boiled, sour, hot to the touch or overpowering.  we want the right sized cup, simple no?  (Mug-o-cino’s need not apply… insert shudder).

wake up and smell the coffee!!!

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