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  tuesday/friday from 8am – other days from 10am


E T VOILÀ ! YOU’VE ARRIVED AT CAFE MADELEINE… AND VERY WELCOME YOU ARE ! Next to the bar, or further away, let the hours drift by and the atmosphere play out; first discretely, then more lively, and finally relaxed, with a few notes of music to accompany you. Cast your eyes over the menu and you’ll see it is bound by tradition and honestly made: SIMPLICITY AND QUALITY – two ingredients in equal measures – is the un-kept secret of the cuisine we offer. You can also count on a friendly smile with the service – and you’ll probably become convinced: the MADELEINE has everything to please.


O ur baristas love to make the Madeleine Macchiato for customers. Pulling the perfect espresso shot, steaming milk into thick, velvety foam and finishing it off with pride ensures that each and every beverage reflects our passion, care and artistry BOCCA COFFEE With roots in Ethiopia, an Ethiopian blend not lacking in our range. The Gusto Blend is organic and consists of three coffees from Ethiopia, also from a Brazilian coffee. This coffee from Brazil is modified according to the ‘ natural ‘ pulp method. The berries are not entirely stripped of the flesh with the pulp machine so that something of the flesh to the koffiepit stays in place. The coffee seeds are not fermented in water but directly into the Sun to dry. This coffee is the sweet according to the blend. One of the coffees from Ethiopia is unwashed. The berries are directly on dry beds in the Sun and the dried pulp is extracted afterwards pass the tea seeds. A super fruity flavor do you recognize in the blend. The two other Ethiopian coffees have been washed and ensure both fruity and spicy accents.


W e are all stressed and working too hard, so we find ourselves yearning for that freedom we had as children. The ability to do nothing. Italians call it “dolce far niente.” Americans call it “hanging out.” All of these things can be done in cafes: you can disappear into the written word or the world of your imagination. You can notice and experience everything around you. You can wait for something else to happen. You can stop thinking altogether.

This is what the Cafe Madeleine is all about.


  • Seating for 103 people: 75 outside and 28 inside
  • Easy access for disabled
  • Take Away available for coffee and lunch
  • Drink License – we can serve you alcohol without food between 12 and 7pm
  • Accepts Mastercard, Visa and MAESTRO
  • FREE high speed internet available
  • For hire for private functions after 7pm
  • Good selection of daily newspapers and international magazines
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P erfectly located on the a beautiful square in the Valkenbosch Quartier. In the summer the best terrace of the south west of The Hague with more than 75 seats on the sunny side of life… Free parking till 6pm and well served by public transport (HTM3, -11, -12 and -20). Also accessible by feet, bike and autopet!

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 valkenbosplein 10

 2563 ca den haag



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